OpenTable - Restaurant Reservations App Reviews

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Awesome app

Awesome app. Makes reservations a breeze. Shares to your calendar, via email....

Convenient if only it showed all seating times

Its a great concept but uncooperative restaurants are ruining it by holding back seats. I think its time to provide a mechanism in the app to report restaurants that show no availability in the app yet magically have openings when you call them directly.

Good app for reservations


Great App!

OpenTable is easy to use, fast and reliable. Also allows for browsing places that have open reservations which is great for spontaneously trying new places.

Best and easy to pass through lines

I always got away from waiting in lines and sneaked pass through people just making easy reservations through open table. Saves time a lot!

Love this app!!

We always have such ease booking tables at great restaurants, no matter we we travel!!

Always there when you need it

Reliable and dependable app - makes life easy in todays hectic world!

Excellent app

Use it every week, for business and personal reservations. If youre taking out a client, better to have a reservation!

My absolute favorite app

Use it all the time. It works well for different scenarios like choosing a place far away for tomorrow or finding something very close on the spot.


Lets face it, there are a lot of things to spend your time on these days. Having the ability to reserve a table days--and even weeks--in advance is more worth than your time. In fact, this app literally uses time to manipulate it to your very preference, resulting in a period of no-wait bliss. In other words, download this app; make a reservation; skip the lines; and allocate the saved time to some other area of your life that needs it. Cheers!


You can make all your dinner reservations in one app, fantastic!

Great site

I use the Open Table app several times a is easy to use and very helpful

Amazing app and brilliant design!

Opentable has gone through a brilliant turnaround in design. Love it.

Easy & Quick

What a great app. Use it just about everywhere we travel as well as at home. Good reviews for the restaurants and its quick and easy.

Has never given me problems. Great App!

Functional and easy to use

Very handy, I love it.

I love that I can use Siri with this app to book a reservation. Very handy.

Easy reservations

I Use Open Table as much as possible. Easy to use and the points are an added plus. Excellent service.

Reservations are a breeze!

Love using OpenTable to make all our dining reservations! Easy to use and seems as though there is always availability!

One of my go to Apps

I used it all the time. I like the ease of use and the number of restaurants who use it.

Open Table reflects far more

OT represents a palette, not some cute GIS-locator riff. Its palette knows no limit, no Gauguin minimums; just fires your taste buds whenever your taste buds need firing.

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